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Personalized employee boxes in various designs
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Corporate Fashion

Employee clothing for in- and out-office

Welcome boxes and corporate fashion for your employees

With MIJO we create more solidarity between employees and company. Companies become brands and employees become brand ambassadors. Thanks to our products, this happens very easily. Employer & Employee Branding at it's best.

Welcome box for new employees
Welcome box for new employees

MIJO | Employer Branding Fulfillment

Creates more attention and a better team spirit

Welcome box for new employees

Welcome box

Welcome box for new employees

Corporate Fashion

Welcome box for new employees


MIJO does it - fulfilment

Design, production, warehousing and shipping, all on our own, so you can take care of business.

Welcome box for new employees


Corporate fashion, merchandise and boxing. After we have clarified what you want, we will take care of the design.

Welcome box for new employees


Fast production times thanks to in-house production of all articles according to tested and certified standards.

Welcome box for new employees


MIJO stores your articles in its own storage. Everything is available at any time and you have no space problems.

Welcome box for new employees


MIJO creates and administrates your Employer-Shop. So employees and customers can access your products 24/7.

Welcome box for new employees


We can also take care of order and customer management on request. Fast and insured dispatch of all orders by MIJO or our partners.

Ecological and fair

MIJO cares about the environment. Our articles are certified organic, ÖkoTex, PEFC and FairTrade. We rely on sustainable raw materials and CO2-reduced production.

Welcome box for new employees

Learned from


MIJO has know-how. We have been in the corporate fashion and textile marking business since 1951. For more than 60 years we are a real family business. MIJO is the youngest spin-off - based on the knowledge and skills of three generations.

Let's start - and make happy employees

We are personally at your disposal for all information and questions.

Welcome box for new employees


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    Onboarding Box | Employer Branding | Corporate Fashion

    MIJO welcome box for your new employees

    With Mijo you have the perfect box to connect your employees with their new work location. this way you integrate every new employee warmly into your team and make sure that the first working day is guaranteed to be unforgettable. in combination with the appropriate employee clothing your new team members will quickly feel at home and are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

    Making employees happy

    satisfied employees are productive employees. this approach plays an important role with our versatile and modern boxes to ensure satisfaction from the very beginning and to promote a feeling of belonging. with an interestingly designed box, you can easily increase the employee's interest in your company and at the same time express a feeling of appreciation. nothing stands in the way of optimal perception.

    a box composed according to your preferences manages to increase interest in the daily routines of work. thanks to the practical goodies, your employees will be left with much more than just the friendly gesture, which allows you to integrate the appropriate components to the new working environment. if desired, the individually composed box can be adapted directly to the new workplace and allows you to communicate the values of your company.

    We make employees happy

    Happy employees are not expensive, but with the right box from MIJO you can set a positive example in your company and increase satisfaction right from the start.

    This is not only effective for employees directly at the company location, but also for representatives and other staff in their daily work. the better your own perception of your company, the more actively the new employee will share this attitude with your customers.

    The New Employee Box is therefore an excellent investment to increase the satisfaction of new employees and to optimize branding, allowing you to benefit from the best measure in employee branding to make your employees become a brand and to demonstrate the added value of your work at every stage.

    So why not make the new employees happy on their first day at work? Our MIJO boxes are definitely worthwhile at this point and will make you the perfect employer from the new employees' point of view.

    Welcome box for new employees
    Welcome box for new employees

    Corporate Fashion for the team feeling

    In order to create a team feeling while working in the company, it is also possible to create your own fashion concepts, which allows you to standardise the company clothing for each employee in order to promote a sense of community while working.

    With creatively designed clothing it is always possible to increase the added value of the working environment and to create a better perception around your company.

    Of course, when designing our Onboarding Box, we make sure that we only use sustainably produced garments and give you a good feeling, thus combining the practical added value of the garments with a positive contribution to your marketing.

    If the clothes are interestingly designed, employees can also wear them during their free time, which makes other people take notice of you, which makes corporate fashion in the box a good choice for employees in many ways.

    Make your company a brand

    A modern box that has been created on the basis of your work is particularly useful for the branding of your company, and thanks to the many options for customising the goodies, each onboarding box has a style that is individually suited to your company.

    The many interesting gifts with practical added value are thus also a good choice outside the classic work area and accompany the presentee privately as well.

    A custom-made T-shirt or an appealing hoodie can therefore attract many potential customers through its public impact, which simplifies marketing.

    In the case of fixed locations, the local reference in the box is also a good way to increase the added value for the employees and at the same time make a good impression on the public, making the MIJO Box always a good choice to do something good for the employees and at the same time for you.

    Sustainable and innovative employee clothing

    We attach great importance to sustainability when it comes to the right corporate clothing: all our articles are produced in-house in Germany and are subject to tested standards.

    Our goodies and garments have Oeko-Tex, Vegan-Made, OK-COMPOST or FairTrade certification, which means that everyone can make their contribution to ecologically sustainable and, above all, environmentally friendly employee clothing.

    The combination of employee branding and corporate fashion makes every employee a part of your marketing concept.

    The higher the added value of the garments and merchandise items, the more often the new employees will use their gifts in public, too. the reference to sustainability and modernity is exactly the right approach here, in order to identify with the company faster and to represent your logo outside the office in the best possible way.

    Welcome box for new employees
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