Due to the current high utilization of our help service, we can no longer offer free online shops for the time being. But we have talked to our freelancers and were able to make a "special" price, with which we can support our freelancers and which is really fair, for what you get as a retailer.

We ask for your understanding!


Mijo wants to help!

To protect our retailers from loss of sales and its consequences, we offer our online shops to all retailers who can and want to continue to serve their customers by delivery, shipping or even collection.

It doesn't matter what industry you come from, whether it's bakery, bookstore, lifestyle or anything else...

We create your online shop within 2-5 working days and you will receive a personal consultation/introduction to the system.

You get:

  • Modern and responsive online shop (watch here)
  • Personal consultation
  • incl. DSGVO legal texts (AGB, data protection, revocation, imprint)
  • As many articles as you want
  • no hidden costs
  • Pay only in June 2020
  • Hosting and domain incl.

The costs amounting to 799.00 plus VAT will not be invoiced until June 2020.


Many retailers do not have the possibility to reach their customers digitally and/or supply them with their product range, and some may never have thought about it or have not been able to afford this investment.

Since we currently have free capacity and have heard many retailers voices privately who are afraid for their business due to the Covid19 crisis, we want to use our existing shop system to help quickly and easily.

Contact us now - we will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Notes / Questions & Answers

    Who can use our shop system?

    Basically for all retailers who can deliver their goods to customers by delivery (DHL, DPD etc.) or themselves, or who can offer a pick-up service, regardless of the industry.

    What do we offer you?

    • Modern and responsive online shop
    • Personal consultation
    • As many articles as you want
    • no hidden costs
    • Pay only in June 2020
    • Hosting and domain incl.

    How is the payment for the articles going?

    If you already have a PayPal account, we can offer this as a payment method. However, the easiest way would be to offer payment on delivery, i.e. cash on delivery. However, we are happy to consider individual wishes here, if time permits.

    Why is the demo shop in English?

    Since we have international customers, our demo shops and demo articles are in English.
    You will of course get a German-speaking, DSGVO-compliant online shop.

    Can you be reached by phone? I have questions!

    Sure! Just call 0211-22018819 - we will be happy to advise you/you free of charge on our offer and answer your questions!

    We are happy to be able to help and wish all retailers that they and their employees survive the current situation well and remain strong.

    Mijo Team

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