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Storage | Delivery

We store your articles with us if you do not have room for everything. With our order management system you can reorder and check your stock at any time.

Design & Production

Our prices already include the design and production of your fashion items including finishing.


We deliver your articles worldwide. In addition, we take over the dropshipping for you, if certain articles should go directly to employees in the home office.

See for yourself

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MIJO for Start ups - SME - Big Player

Corporate Fashion - Different than usual

At Mijo, we don't just make employee clothes. We make awesome corporate fashion that will kick any other corporate wear in the ass.

We succeed because we know ourselves what is currently in vogue and which target group follows which style, because we have the ideal textiles for all age groups.

So Mijo makes corporate fashion for start-ups and companies that attach great importance to good employee branding. That's why we turn employees into brand ambassadors. And we guarantee that the employee clothing will also attract attention after work.

Do you know how many of your employees use public transport to get to work? certainly a few. and do you also know how many people go to these public places in the morning and walk past your employees or notice them? exactly, quite a few.

With corporate fashion from Mijo, which doesn't look like normal company clothing, we provide a brand appearance. exactly when your employees are surrounded by many people. cool jackets for the rainy days with a noble embroidery or a well-fitting shirt or polo shirt? we have a lot in stock and create really cool employee clothing for you.

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