Environmentally friendly

Organic, vegan and fair - for the environment

The climate crisis concerns all of us, and if we all contribute to a better and CO2-free environment, we can make sure that we get this problem under control. That is why we also want to do our part and only use organic cotton and vegan products.

Most of our textiles and boxes are produced in germany and europe and are finished and refined at our location in Sögel. Organic cotton, recycled PET, sustainable raw materials and vegan materials are a matter of course for us and are part of our standard. occasionally we use textile parts from south-east asia and africa. Organic cotton is also used here. Furthermore, we only work with fair-wear partners and fair-trade companies. this way we know that our articles were produced under fair conditions.

We all have to do our part - this is the only way to preserve our planet

MIJO & Environment

Constant controls and high quality standards - In order to be able to offer you the cream that you deserve, we and our partners always strive to never neglect quality.

Certified products

Our textiles are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified and with the standards of FairWear, FairTrade and Organic 100 we ensure that organic, sustainable and fair fabrics are used.

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