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Onboarding Boxes

  • Our Onbaording's are available in different versions:

    • Greenbox
    • Premium Box
    • Luckybag
    • Dead Box
    • backpack box

    Depending on the contents of the boxes, the sizes vary, so to avoid wasting material, we first select the goodies (contents) and then determine the size of the box. the largest box measures 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

  • Whatever you want! we have ready-made presets that you can use or you can choose the contents of your boxes yourself, for which all articles from our Merch- and Corporate Fashion range are available.

    Our presets are available in three different versions: Starter - Partner - CEO

  • On request, we can make individual inlays for each box. these inlays are adapted to the goodies so that they can be inserted or stuck into the recess provided for this purpose. this prevents the goodies from slipping and gives a better product presentation.

    The prices for inlays are to be considered individually, one-time costs are incurred for the required tools.

  • Usually the boxes including goodies are ready for delivery within two weeks, but if there is a lot of traffic, the delivery time is between 14 days and 4 weeks, depending on the content and the respective design.

  • Sure! If you don't have enough storage space yourselves, we'll store the boxes for you.
    You could then order a desired number of boxes on demand and MIJO will send them just-in-time.

Corporate Fashion

  • With our textiles the size range is between XS and 5XL - Only a few articles are available up to max. 3XL.

  • Textiles for women are usually cut waisted and are based on popular brands (adidas, H&M etc.).

  • Yes, our complete range is made up exclusively of 100% textiles made from organic cotton, polyester, recycled PET or a blend of organic cotton and polyester, so we can rule out the use of animal products or products tested on animals.

  • Our textiles are manufactured in Europe and Asia and finished at our locations in Germany. Some textiles also consist of purchased raw materials (organic cotton, textile parts) from countries outside Europe. Here we make sure that we support producers who create and enforce fair working and wage conditions.

    The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) offers the FairWear seal, which is supported by trade unions, NGOs and trade and manufacturer organisations. 80 textile companies representing around 120 brands are members. The FWF is active in 15 production countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Of course. We offer you a fitting set for each article to determine the sizes in the team. At our sample meetings we will also show you all the desired products.

Employer Shop

  • 94,99 € per month - no more and no less!
    The costs include the creation and administration of the shop as well as article maintenance.
    Furthermore, we take care of customer management and, if desired, also dispatch and returns management.

  • As a rule, the delivery time is 5-7 working days.

  • You can choose from the following payment methods for your Employer Shop:

    • PayPal
    • PayPal Plus
    • Klarna
    • Skrill
    • Bank transfer
    • Cash on delivery

    Once you have opened the respective user account with the payment provider, we can take care of the integration of the payment method.

  • MIJO takes care of the returns management if something doesn't fit or likes something.
    However, this is only possible if, in addition to the Employer Shop, the warehousing and shipping is also handled by us.
    So we have access to your articles at any time and can coordinate shipments.

    If you manage the dispatch and storage of your goods yourself, but do not have time for retorage and customer management, we can of course take care of this and find a suitable solution.

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