MIJO Onboarding Box: Green Box

the green box is actually perfect for start-ups or smaller companies. due to the low minimum order quantity of only 30 pieces, this biodegradable employee box will always find a place with you. and if not, we will store it for you and send your boxes on demand.

Due to the cool craft look of the Green Box or the slightly cleaner look in the full-colour version, this onboarding box is always the right choice. the feel is high quality and the materials are made of recycled raw materials, so you can distribute a really cool Welcome Box to your new employees with the best of knowledge and conscience, who will definitely appreciate it.

The Green Box Onboarding Box is made from 100% recycled materials and is biodegradable, so it won't harm Mother Nature.

With its size of up to 45 x 35 cm, the Green Box is also a real space miracle.

Employee box
Employee box
Employee box

Employee Box or Onboarding Box?

in short, both are the same. whether employee box or welcome box or just onboarding box. it is always about a way of boxing. meanwhile there are different suppliers of onboarding boxes and also different qualities.

with a good onboarding box or sometimes even a "new employee box" you can do a lot for employer branding. you not only make your new employees happy but also make sure that they are used as brand ambassadors. because in reality it's the content that counts. only with well-chosen goodies you can make sure that they are also used outside the office.

If this is the case, your employee becomes your brand ambassador by using the various goodies (a towel in the gym or a bag with a handle while shopping), and your logo or a cool slogan can be seen by several people at once.

So no matter if you want to start the first day with a big smile and a good feeling for your new employees, then get in touch with MIJO.

MIJO offers different types of employee boxes and can therefore adapt perfectly to any company structure, but our boxes can also be used for events, good customers or trade fairs.

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