Inspire new employees from day one. With the employee box.

How do you think the process for the Onboarding of your new employees? Short welcome and briefing of the team? Do you already have a small welcome gift for the new employees?

Every company has its own peculiarities. In most cases, such onboarding does not really develop further, as one has had good experience with the way the internal process works. But really asked if the way things are going so far, you surely haven't got it right yet, have you?

The trend in onboarding is more and more towards small employee gifts, which are intended to make the start in the new job a little easier. Surely you have heard of an onboarding box here or there. Small or big cardboard boxes, printed with the company logo and a cool slogan and full of little goodies inside. From a notebook with a ballpoint pen or a powerbank to a water bottle or a sports towel. And of course here too, all in your corporate design.

Surveys we have conducted with our customers have shown that these employee boxes are extremely well received. Especially in private conversations, which usually take place between family and friends after the first day at work, companies that issue such employee boxes do very well. This is simply due to the fact that you show more appreciation for your new employees.

Onboarding boxes and goodies with added value.

Our Onboarding Boxes is available in different versions. There are the Green BoxThe Luckybag, a really cheap and fully compostable "onboarding bag" that reminds one of the wonder bags from the kiosk. No matter if it is a starter box or Premium Box. MIJO offers you the right solution for every budget.

But much more important than the box alone are the goodies, i.e. the contents in the employee box. We offer you a large selection of interesting Merchandise articlesall of which can be completely adapted to your CI in your company colours and with different printing techniques. The good thing is that we have chosen the goodies in such a way that they can definitely be used outside the office.

For example, a cool sports towel or a sports drinking bottle, which ensure optimum employer branding in the gym. But we also offer various products for techies such as a power bank or a travel charger. This way you can find the right products for your new employees. Goodies select.

We create the design of your onboarding box and the individual goodies and pack the boxes directly together. This way you save valuable time and do not have to spend extra manpower.

And for all those who do not know where to put the boxes, we offer a storage service.

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