MIJO Onboarding Box: Luckybag

Do you still remember the feeling you had back then when you stood at one of these shelves in the kiosk and wondered which bag of goodies would hold the best surprises?

Outstanding! and then the anticipation and excitement when you could finally start to open the bag of wonder. Well, sometimes there were one or two disappointments. Can't always be something cool in it, right?

from now on it is! because our Luckybag is probably the coolest kind of welcome box. not only because it doesn't use any plastic at all and is compostable to 100%. simply because it reawakens exactly these childhood memories. and this time you can be sure that there are really only cool goodies in it, namely yours!

The Luckybag Onboarding Box is made of 100% compostable and biodegradable kraft paper. So it can be easily composted and you don't have to worry about plastic waste. Of course OK! COMPOST certified.

Up to a size of 40 x 50 cm this employee box offers plenty of space for fashion or even bigger goodies. one thing is for sure, the surprise is perfect!

Onboarding Box for new employees

What is the purpose of onboarding boxes?

So that new employees start from day one in a good mood and with the knowledge that they are valued and welcome. onboarding boxes say "Good to see you" in different ways.

The Employee Box also strengthens your own employer brand: Welcome Boxes, also known as Onboarding Boxes, can be used to put your employees in a positive mood and at the same time build or maintain your employer branding.

Because one thing is certain, a Welcome Box will always be a topic of conversation in private life and the goodies are guaranteed to be used outside the office, so your company is present everywhere and your employees become brand ambassadors.

MIJO offers different types of employee boxes and can therefore adapt perfectly to any company structure, but our boxes can also be used for events, good customers or trade fairs.

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