Environmentally conscious - easy - direct

MIJO Green Box

Compostable and biodegradable, natural design or full colour.

From 30 pieces

Onboarding Box
Onboarding Box

Premium Design - PEFC certified

MIJO Premium Box

Elegant Design and high-quality materials. Individual style and lots of space.

From 20 pieces

Onboarding Box

Compostable and biological

MIJO Luckybag

Reminiscent of the good old days when wonder bags brought a smile to your face, this wonder bag is part of every onboarding trip!

From 50 pieces

Organic cotton, reusable & authentic

MIJO Bag Box

It doesn't always have to be cardboard. this "onboarding box" is reusable and doesn't produce garbage. a real jute bag!

From 20 pieces

Onboarding Box
Onboarding Box

Recycled PET - Swallows a lot

MIJO Backpack Box

If you'd like a little more. Plenty of space inside and made of recycled, high-quality materials.

From 20 pieces


All onboarding boxes can be individually designed and goodies can be freely selected from our range.

green box
Biodegradable and compostable cardboard and printing ink

from 11€ upwards /Employee

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premium box
Magnetic box made of high-quality and sustainable materials

from 19€ /Employee

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Organic, compostable and 100% plastic free

from 8€ upwards /Employee

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bag box
Organic cotton, reusable & authentic

from 9€ /Employee

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backpack box
Lots of storage space - different basic colours - reflective

from 23€ /Employee

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Storage | Delivery

MIJO stores your articles and boxes on request. If required, we will send the desired quantity within the shortest time to your desired address.

Individual Design

All box types are individually designed according to your wishes or by us.

Free consulting service

MIJO comes to you with all the samples you want and advises you free of charge on your desired products.

Onboarding Box - Communication of corporate values

If your company has integrated a company health management system, the Employee Box is a great opportunity to make your newcomers aware of the offer. A branded towel and a water bottle with a carabiner in the Onboarding Box show that you care about the fitness of your employees.

You underline that your company is committed to a good work-life balance, regardless of the specialist and management position held by the new employee.

The selection of employee gifts reflects your corporate values and conveys a modern employer image - indispensable for homogeneous employer branding.

Welcome box - Suitable for all industries

A welcome box is suitable for any company that wants to strengthen its image as an employer, and you can use the trendy boxes and the individual selection of the included goodies effectively to achieve marketing effects.

If your employees wear a company shirt in their free time and during sports, it is free marketing and supports your employer branding. Gifts that have a practical use have a high value for the new employees.

If an employee has moved to the region especially for the job, you can express your appreciation for the move by placing a local reference in the welcome box.

Surprise effects through Onboarding Box

In start-ups, successful onboarding is unimaginable without an employee gift, and an MIJO employee box fits perfectly with the agile structures and the pronounced team consciousness of the innovation and technology-driven high-flyers.

for new employees in established companies, the employee box provides a positive surprise effect. the ice is broken and you have reached your new employee on an emotional level. in addition, unpacking is an experience that stays in your memory. depending on what you put in the box, the positive memory is refreshed daily when using the high-quality goodies.

Individual design in corporate design

of course we design your onboarding box according to your individual wishes and in your corporate design. within the chosen model there are different design possibilities. our team at MIJO takes care of the design, the complete handling of the production as well as the filling of the boxes, which you can expand individually according to your wishes. if required we can store the boxes for you.

Some companies give the boxes as original Christmas presents to important business partners and high-value customers, and if you need advice on this, we have many great ideas.


Environmentally friendly materials

The protection of our environment is as important to us as it is to you, and every MIJO Onboarding Box, regardless of the model chosen, is made from environmentally friendly materials and conserves resources.
The MIJO Luckybag is 100 percent plastic-free and made of completely compostable natural resin. Since the included goodies are long lasting and useful, you can give away your Onboarding Box with a clear conscience.

Personal advice from MIJO

Every MIJO Onboarding Box is a small masterpiece. If you want to strengthen your employer image and inspire your new employees on their first day at work, the motivated and friendly MIJO team will be happy to help you with advice and support. Whether via video chat or in a personal conversation - we will provide you with the perfect ideas for your individual welcome box including matching employee goodies, according to your budget.

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