MIJO Onboarding Box: Premium

People like to compare different qualities or looks with car brands, so you could say the Premium Box is the Mercedes of onboarding boxes. High quality materials, a cool finish and the magnetic closure make this employee box a real eye-catcher.

But it's not only the look that's 1A - this moment when you're presented with such a high-quality box is also really great. you open the lid, which is held securely in place thanks to the magnetic closure, and then you can look at the individual goodies inside. if you wish, these can also be fixed with an inlay for an even cooler presentation.

The Premium Onboarding Box is made of sustainable materials and made in Germany, and thanks to foil embossing there is no need to do without "Premium" in the finishing.

Up to a size of 45 x 35 cm, the Premium Box can hold a lot of things.

Onboarding Boxes
Onboarding Boxes

What makes an onboarding box special?

onboarding boxes tell a new employee "good to see you". such an employee box makes you feel valued and welcome. it's the feeling of being given a present that makes onboarding boxes so popular with employees.

with a welcome box for new employees, it is also easy to strengthen your own employer brand. because with the gesture of giving and the goodies it contains, such a box is sure to provide something to talk about after work. furthermore, our goodies are chosen so that they are guaranteed to be used even when you are not in the office. so your employee unconsciously transports your brand image to the outside world.

Thus your company is present everywhere and the employees become brand ambassadors.

MIJO offers different types of employee boxes and can therefore adapt perfectly to any company structure, but our boxes can also be used for events, good customers or trade fairs.

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