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MIJO is from founders for founders. From our own experience we know what it means to start up a business. And we know even more precisely how difficult it is to motivate employees and give them the "we" feeling. We can help you and take over all the work that has to do with it.


We are real textileheinis and merchpauls. since 1951 we have been dealing with this topic in the 3rd generation and therefore we can fall back on a large know-how and optimized quality processes.

From Digital to Haptic

MIJO brings your startup branding to life. We design for you tangible company communication and turn your employees into brand ambassadors. More team, better atmosphere and a stronger WE.

Always there and close

our team is always at your disposal. we advise you completely free of charge and then take care of all the steps. you only get one deadline and you can look forward to the finished product. feddich!


Everything from one source - nothing in between

We bring everything to one place. You want cool Corporate Fashion or a horny onboarding box? best of all your employees should be able to order the brand-merch in their own online-shop? oh...and the storage and delivery of the articles should of course also be done by a partner?
Well then...welcome to MIJO!


The Employer Shop


Branded Shop

Your employees can order articles directly live. We take over the handling of the order. Safe, fast and uncomplicated.


All for nothing - we do the work

We manage and process your orders. From the first click to the delivery.


Live reports

Live reports anytime and anywhere, so you always have an overview of stock levels, invoices and costs.


A few points for a cooperation with MIJO

1 Know-How - We advise you, take care of the design, production and delivery, because we can do this to 100% and offer you the best possible quality.

2 Everything from one source - we take care of the complete process so that you can concentrate on your business.

3 Uncomplicated - No monthly costs, no setup costs, no minimum volume. We have made MIJO as simple as possible.

4 Time and cost savings - You can save valuable time with our service because we take care of all relevant processes.


Warehousing & Shipping

Space problems? no problem, we store your goods without minimum volume in our storeages and take care of the shipping on request.

We take care of order acceptance from your shops, storage, shipping and returns management, so you can concentrate on your job and watch your brand grow.


We are here for you

Questions? More information? We are here for you personally!



Employer Branding - Your company - Your brand

Employer branding as part of the brand development of companies has long been established in the German economy. Currently even less known is the so-called "Employee Branding". Although Employee Branding is a good personnel strategy, we clarify about employer and Employee Branding and show you the differences.

Brand development of companies is very popular. employer branding is known by almost everybody and also the employee branding is slowly moving in. Mijo offers Startups and companies in both variants the perfect products and concepts. Mijo is your startup branding and employer branding agency.

Employee branding offers many advantages

With Employee Branding employees become brand ambassadors. Cool Corporate Fashion Mijo designs and produces corporate fashion and merchandising items that employees are guaranteed to use outside the office.
Employee branding can be described as employee branding, which means that founders and owners can expect many advantages from employee branding or start-up branding.

Employees get a better sense of unity through corporate fashion and Merchandising a better sense of unity and identify with a company faster and more easily, so that your logo is worn and spread outside the office by employees.

For new employees there is the welcome box

Perfectly suitable for this is also our Welcome box for new employees. This onbaording box makes the office really happy, new employees love it and immediately get a better image of the company.


Unlike Employee Branding, Employer Branding is a task that can only be tackled by the Company Employer branding is about start-ups or companies that want to build up their own brand, so all that leads to the employees perceiving their own company as a good employer is horny employer branding.

Sense and purpose of employer branding

the main purpose of employer branding is actually to position yourself well in the job market in order to get to talented employees and young talents as easily as possible. mijo offers perfect goodies and onboarding boxes for this purpose. new employees receive a welcome box with useful goodies for a good start in their new job. of course these Goodies selected in such a way that they can also be integrated well in the private environment.

We have everything you need

Mijo offers different onboarding boxes. our green box is sustainable and compostable. with the premium box the employee gets a high quality magnetic box that has a very cool look & feel. of course we also attach importance to sustainability and CO2 reduced production.

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