What is corporate fashion?

there are many ways for companies and start-ups to present their corporate design or corporate identity to the outside world. the best way to do this is to use corporate fashion. that is, clothing that matches the company's design. we want to strengthen the bond between employees and the company. just like school clothing, corporate fashion can also contribute to a stronger "we" feeling. corporate fashion by mijo is stylish, modern and just as trendy in the office as it is in leisure time.

What makes corporate clothing special

the style and design. that's what matters. nobody likes to wear a sweater with the company logo if the cut doesn't follow the latest trends or if it just doesn't fit. mijo has up-to-date cuts and european fits. we design your textiles so that you can wear them in the office, during meetings or at the end of the day in the bar and club. you want your company colours in textiles? that's no problem for us either.

Quality is fucking important. because we don't want to sell you shirts just once, we attach great importance to the quality of our textiles. all Mijo textiles are washable and dry-cleanable. the point is that your employees like to wear the clothes often. that's why they withstand all strains and can also be washed by men.

Why do we need corporate wear?

you don't need to. but with it you create a unique bond between your employees and the company. you can create ingenious employee branding and present your company outside the office. with good corporate fashion design you turn employees into brand ambassadors.

Selection & Design

No matter if T-shirt, hoodie or jogging pants, we have a large assortment of textiles that we can customize for you. We can also create textiles in your company colour and full-surface corporate wear design.

corporate wear
corporate wear


A high quality standard is as important to us as our sustainable and ecological raw materials.

That's why we only work with organic cotton, Oeko-Tex certified textile parts and attach great importance to vegan and CO2-reduced production.

Warehousing & Shipping

If you don't have the space to store your corporate fashion, we can do it for you, in our storage we keep your corporate clothing safe and always ready for you.
We also offer shipping to your employees or your office.

corporate wear
corporate wear

Employer Shop

So that you don't have to take any notes with wild orders we offer you our shop system. Adapted to your corporate design. Here every employee can choose his corporate fashion himself and order online 24/7.

Mijo - Employee clothing

We create for you horny corporate fashion design and provide ingenious corporate clothing that is also worn outside of work. corporate fashion Düsseldorf style.

With Mijo you get cool employee clothing that not only looks good but is also very high quality. we produce our employee clothing sustainable and ecological.

of course we create your corporate fashion design for you too. after all, mijo is fulfillment on the road. you just tell us what corporate clothing you want and we create the perfect design. then we produce your employee clothing and even store the corporate fashion for you. Mula Berlin

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